"Warning Bells Are Ringing", Safety Advocate Ed Pierson Sounds the Alarm on 737 MAX Safety After Its Ungrounding

WASHINGTON, Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Whistleblower and safety advocate Ed Pierson published a report entitled "Boeing 737 MAX–How Is It Really Going?" The report details the troubling increase of inflight technical issues with the Boeing 737 MAX. Pilots have reported 42 instances of inflight malfunctions on the 737 MAX in the United States since the plane was ungrounded in November 2020.

Of these 42 incidents, 22 involve flight control system problems, the same system that was involved in the two 737 MAX tragedies in 2018 and 2019. Ed Pierson's report concluded, "[I]nflight malfunctions on the 737 MAX are occurring at a higher rate now, after the FAA's 20-month recertification, than they were before the start of the recertification." This data is not easily accessible to the public because it resides in two obscure government databases, one at the FAA and the other at NASA.

Paul Hudson, President of FlyersRights.org, explained, "The FAA secrecy and the alarming increase in 737 MAX safety incidents should require extra caution by anyone considering flying on this aircraft."

As of Jan 1, 2022 there were 167 MAXs in service across 4 U.S. airlines–American, United, Southwest, and Alaska–more than the 118 in service before the MAX's grounding. The number of total flights in 2021 was approximately 78% of the level during the 737 MAX's 22 months of service pre-grounding.

Ed Pierson formerly was a Senior Manager at Boeing's Renton factory.  Pierson observed risks to the safety of the 737 MAX during its production and urged Boeing to shut down production before the two 737 MAX crashes.  Pierson also served in the U.S. Navy for 30 years holding several leadership positions including Squadron Commanding Officer.  He testified before Congress in December 2019.

The report can be found at EdPierson.com at https://www.edpierson.com/how-is-it-really-going

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