Uberjet Outclimbs with 430% Growth Rate

UberJets outclimbs traditional air carriers with economic thrust producing 430% growth

The airline industry has been hit hard in the last year and a half as it has experienced the ups and downs of the travel industry.  Travel swung from one of the highest travel rates in 2019, and then descending to one of the lowest through 2020.  Now, as the summer season matures in 2021, travel is steadily increasing. 

Public tensions have been high, not only the United States but throughout the world, as the pandemic threatened lives, and shutdowns disrupted job stability. People have faced isolation, government mandates, unrest, protests, riots, and many other related difficulties. Some of the public tension has spilled into the passenger cabins of our airlines.  Even as the economy begins to pick back up, and favorite destination sources start allowing travel once again, some have begun to look for more private options for air travel.

Anytime challenge confronts an industry, company, or product it has the potential to slow growth down.  However, one provider’s challenge may prove to be another’s opportunity.  That new opportunity may arise for entrepreneurs with a fresh take on problems and the ability to resolve customer anxieties with needful solutions.

UberJet seeks to fill a gap in public travel by making the private first-class flying experience more readily available to the public. Just as you can download an app and find a ride across town, or deliver an order of groceries to your doorstep, why not bring this same technology into the arena of airline travel?

UberJets reports that their business model has shown a successful increase during a time when traditional airline travel was struggling the most. "UberJets has seen a whopping 430% increase in first class flyer conversions since the Covid-19 outbreak began. Year-over-year in the second quarter projects has seen an immense surge in popularity. Companies such as Amazon door – flourished, and Uberjets is no exception!” (UberJets, 2021)

Let's Jet App is the download potential flyers will need to gain access to a feature called Virtual Hanger, advertised as your own personal hanger.  This provides users with potential access to 3500 and more aircraft. With the increase in growth, the company has introduced a membership option that allows for best market pricing and top cutting edge technology, which they call The New Way to Fly Private!

"To put it candidly, our innovative team of private aviation technology experts have ultimately created the Expedia and Kayak for private aviation, allowed passengers to skip all inconveniences of commercial air travel by providing them with the optimal experience for business or leisure," (Sean Sullivan, Chief Growth Officer)

"In recent events regarding the conflict in Kabul, Afghanistan, UberJets was tasked with providing options from various members. Although the Middle East is not in our projected service area, we are were able to get options readily available, proving our commitment to timely completely customizable needs," said Sullivan.

Look for more updates on Uberjets in the travel season to come.

Source: PR News Release provided by UberJets LLC

August 18, 2021, 11:41 EST

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