Strange sights, embarrassing behaviors & top reasons for missing flights: Leading online Travel Agent eDreams' latest poll reveals all

LONDON, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading online Travel Agent eDreams' latest poll of 10,000 respondents across international markets* reveals that Americans top the board when it comes to naughty antics on flights, as well as the top reasons for missing flights despite already being at the airport.


Embarrassing behaviours: 16% of American respondents reveal that they have been caught making love in the toilets: the highest percentage of any market: compared to an average of 5% across all other markets. This compares to 31% of American respondents who admit to having had sex on a plane unnoticed - compared to an average of just 7% in all other markets.

The wrong seat? 44% of American respondents have intentionally sat in the wrong plane seat, preferring it to their allocated one. In the states, the worst culprits (52%) are from the southeastern states while the best-behaved (32%) are from the southwestern states.


When it comes to smoking,  Americans are, again, the least likely to abide by the rules, with 31% admitting to smoking, compared to an average across other European markets of 6% admitting the same.

Missed flights:  41% of all US respondents admitted to missing their plane whilst they were already at the airport - and 66% of them did so because they met someone they knew there, and became distracted. 

The other reason for missed flights across all markets is revealed as mistaking the departure gate - 47% of respondents cited this as the reason (and 59% of all Americans who missed flights). 53% of Americans also admitted that they were busy shopping at duty free when their planes took off without them.

Technology is also a factor, with 38% of all respondents citing their phone or tablet as the reason they missed their flights: and of this set the largest proportions are from Britain (44%) and the US (61%).

Conducted by One Poll of 10,000 respondents in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal,  Sweden and the USA. 2000 respondents were from the USA. The Poll was conducted between 15-25 August 2022.

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