Earhart's Crash Site and Debris Field Conceivably Found in a 1938 Photograph

New information from this revealed photograph points the way for Michael Ashmore's investigation.

CHOWCHILLA, Calif., Sept. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Has a new clue been unearthed after blending into photographs scenery for over eight decades? Countless hours of research suggest it appears to hold a tantalizing secret and just may pinpoint the exact location of Amelia Earhart's crash site. Including possible wreckage of her still missing Lockheed Electra 10e. It also may link a report of airplane wreckage in the late 50's, early 60's at that very spot. Though topographical changes presumably released the wrecked hulk years ago, still having enough buoyancy to eventually migrate through tidal movement to its new location. Now believed to be resting in the shallow waters of the Taraia spit, mostly covered with sand and silt.

The body of this December 1938 photograph shows possible remains of an impact scar, starting at the beach and running approximately 20-40 yards into the vegetation. Suggesting Amelia's angle of approach during ditching and ultimately leads the way to a debris field of previously unseen wreckage within photo. The debris is seen as shapes piled up in a heap and being semi camouflaged under a canopy of trees and shrubs. Having either a missing or caved in nose door and would account for the shadow so prominent in the Taraia Object image. Also visible is the appearance of more buckled metal forward of the cockpit as if caused by a sudden stop. Having sustained ample damage, though unknown to what degree. Speculating more clues are hidden under vegetation in this debris field and may show telltale signs of the last moments of her Electra's flight. Adding yet another piece in this puzzle as our theory evolves. And by using this new information, we can adapt a better understanding of the severity endured by the aviators and planes airframe during impact.

Earlier this year we released a satellite image showing an object located in the Taraia spit area having been named the (Taraia Object). Showing resemblance and consistent to the forward section of fuselage/cockpit found in this 1938 photograph. Studying reference points on the images and concluding the likelihood of both images to be one and the same is very high. A video has been assembled and uploaded for viewing on our website roadtoamelia.org,
select (video vault) and then select (A Photographs Anatomy). Thanks for viewing.

The Ashmore brothers are on a mission to solve this mystery. With new clues revealed along the way, we adapt and move ever forward to conclusively bringing this to a close. The clues are out there, we just need to see them! Activity seeking donors/sponsors in funding an expedition to Nikumaroro Island. Because nothing is fact, until proven!         

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