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    We review the biography of Japan's most extraordinary Fighter Ace: Saburo Sakai.  Growing up as a mischievous young man in prewar Japan, he graduated high school much to his family's surprise. Stung by familial disappointment, Sakai-san determined to achieve something magnificent.  He applied his energy to the rigorous vetting process for military aviators, and learned quickly how to survive military training and excel in the heart racing arena of aerial combat.  His determination to live with integrity and make his family proud guided him to become Japan's leading ace in the war and through excruciating trials including surviving while wounded as he piloted his crippled Zero back to base one fateful evening.  We discover how he coped with recovery both for his health, loss of his companions and friends, found healing relationships and climbed back into the cockpit to duel against the odds once more.  

    Saburo Sakai demonstrated incredible determination providing lessons for every Aviator.   

    Book Title: Samurai!

    Author: Martin Caidin